Become a Data24-7 Affiliate

Become a Data24-7 Affiliate

As our customers have known for years, Data24-7 offers many different data services, each one having a wide range of uses, in many different industries and markets. Our Text@ product alone is used in almost every conceivable industry; schools, banks, disaster relief, tech, medical, legal, political, etc.

What many of our customers (and non-customers alike) don’t know, is that Data24-7 offers a generous affiliate program which allows 3rd parties to get paid for referring new paying customers to us.

Our affiliate program automatically pays a flat 5% of the gross revenue received by referred customers to their referrers, every month, forever.  So for example, if you were to refer a single customer to us who pays us $5,000 per month, you’ll receive checks for  $250 every month.

Data24-7 also has an affiliate web portal that you can log-into any time to see real-time reports about your referrals.

How can I become a Data24-7 affiliate?

You can apply to be an affiliate here:

The application process is free, and we usually approve your request within a couple of days.

Many of our more successful affiliates have a lot of connections in a certain industry, and can effectively explain how Data24-7 can make life better for people in this industry.

Other successful affiliates have built applications which integrate with Data24-7 to provide services to people in a certain market. In these cases, each end user of the application is required to open a Data24-7 account to be able to access the Data24-7 services.

When you sign-up to be an affiliate, you’ll notice we have posted an affiliate “terms of service”. The main gist of this is that you are not allowed to spam people on our behalf, you may not target groups of people likely to abuse our services, and you may not discuss Data24-7 pricing or engage in false advertising about Data24-7.

As an affiliate, how can I refer customers to Data24-7?  

There are actually two ways.

The first way to refer customers is with a link or banner ad. The affiliate web portal gives you such a banner ad which you can paste into the HTML code for your website. It’s important the link contains your assigned affiliate code, so you will receive credit when somebody clicks on it. For example, the following HTML link:

<a href=”″></a>

. . . will give credit to the affiliate with the affiliate code abc123.

When potential Data24-7 customers click on the link or banner ad from your website, we immediately record their IP address and attribute any signups on that IP to the affiliate. So, if the potential customer clicks your link but doesn’t decide to actually sign-up until six months later, you will still get credit for the signup; as long as they are still using the same IP address.

The second way to get credit for referring a customer to Data24-7 is having them manually type-in your affiliate code during the account sign-up process.

As a Data24-7 affiliate, you can potentially build-up a large stream of recurring revenue for yourself or your business simply be referring customers to us. We look forward to working with you!


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